Brand Ambassador: Jeff Hatch (featuring his MuffinMilk-inspired art)

Jeff Hatch is one of MuffinMilk’s brand ambassadors based in Venice, California. After graduating from The University of Pennsylvania, Hatch played in the NFL for four years, including two seasons with the New York Giants. These days he’s an actor, artist and photographer, and his passion for fashion and artwork have led him to the up and coming NYC power brand MuffinMilk and to having his art displayed across the country and purchased around the world.

 “I am honored by the opportunity to be affiliated with MuffinMilk and to be of service to fashionable people across my service area in this exciting capacity. Spending valuable time getting to know the staff and philosophy of MuffinMilk has inspired some new work that I’m happy to share with our fashion, art, and style conscious audience.” National television audiences have seen Hatch in commercials for Buick and Head & Shoulders, playing a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the latter, and he has made appearances in several editions of the Madden NFL video game series for EA Sports.

The Maryland native is currently filming his first lead role in a feature film titled “Brutal”, pursuing a Masters degree in Business Administration at Loyola Marymount University, attending classes at Playhouse West Acting School and Repertory Theater, sharing his art at gallery shows and online at, and pushing the hottest brand out in MuffinMilk.

For more information or to arrange for an interview regarding Jeff Hatch or MuffinMilk, please contact Steven Gordon at

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